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Album: Live: A Retrospective

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Erscheinungsdatum: 06/2004


The Wildest Times of the World
I have fallen, i have stood up, i've had the patiece of a tree
You have trembeld, you have stayed still, you have tumbled like a weed
All the mountains, all the deserts go for miles and miles around
We have driven for years now, baby, just to get back to a place,
we had already found
Now you're driving me dowmtown
You're driving me crazy, baby, is this really life


In the wildest time of the world
Oh, i never thought, i would be here with you tonight
In the wildest times of the world
Let's stay together in this lonely and cracy life
I was mistaken our love was forsaken, worst mistake i ever made
Were you lonely, were you brave now?
I guess the two are one and the same
Now, i'm singing here with my sweet, sweet darling in my eyes
Ain't it funny how you're walking through life and it turns on a dime
I was missing you crazy, baby, are you really mine?