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Blogeintrag vom 19.9.2009

19.09.09 14:41
Alter: 15 Jahr/e

Im großen und ganzen wird davon Erzählt, das es im Januar und/oder Februar eine neue Tour in Europa geben wird. Sie freut sich wieder auf der Straße unterwegs zu sein. Ebenso erzählt Vonda von der neue 5-Staffel-Ally McBeal Box, zu der es zeitgleich das neue Album "Best of Ally McBeal" geben wird.

Hier gehts zum Orginalbeitrag

Hier der Eintrag in Orginalsprache:

Hi everyone,

Just want to tell you the update. First of all, I have been getting all of your emails asking when we are coming to your countries. We were in the middle of booking this extensive European/U.K. tour when another project came along changing our time frame a bit. The box set of all five seasons of "Ally McBeal" is finally coming out in America, along with a "Best of Ally McBeal" CD, which will be released all over the world and which includes the song "I Know Better" and a previously unreleased song called "Something About You" that was on the show. Due to this release, we needed more time to set up the tour. We are working with Sony and their promo team, and we just needed a bit more time to do this properly.

I am so eager to get back out on the road, as is my band. We have decided to push the tour to January/February. The only shows that were confirmed were the German shows, and we already have new dates which will be announced within one week. I do apologize for having to change the dates. I know that many of you have already purchased tickets and made your plans. I hope that you will still be able to come to the shows at the new time.

These things sometimes happen, but this is a first for me. I hope you understand. In the meantime, this may explain to everyone else in other countries why we haven't posted dates yet for the rest of the tour.

We will be letting you know the update within a few days. Thank you all for being so understanding.

Can't wait to see you out there!

We are also releasing a new CD which was recorded on the last European tour. It is a live CD titled "From the Sun Tour Live." It sounds pretty rockin'!!! This is the best band I've ever played with!!! This will be a special release for the next tour.

See you very soon... it's only a few months away!


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